500 Journeys


We are infused with the essence of Puglia. We have vintage cars inside our hearts. We have our hands firmly grip the wheel.

500 Journeys embodies the vast expertise of professionals in the Italian Luxury Travel sector. For nearly two decades, we have been crafting and bringing to life immersive and exclusive travel experiences amidst the landscapes and traditions of Puglia. Through Southern Visions and its dense network of collaborations with prestigious establishments and skilled artisans of the region, we ensure meticulous attention to detail in curating each journey.



We've restored vintage Fiat 500s to their former glory, emblematic of a unique country that always knows how to smile.

Twenty-four perfectly functioning vintage Fiat 500s, meticulously restored with absolute dedication and extreme care for the original mechanics and aesthetics. Shift into gear and enjoy the pleasure of driving independently: no lines of cars to follow, no guide leading the way. Just you, a map of destinations, and your vintage 500.


We've chosen the hidden roads of the Valle d'Itria because they reveal the extraordinary beauty of Puglia.

Each of the 500 Journeys tours is meticulously planned to let you explore the remarkable Valle d’Itria, and soon also Salento, immersing yourself in local people and realities, savouring bites of typical flavours, opening your eyes to picturesque views, and the vistas of the sea and olive groves.


We've crafted tours that take people on a journey of self-discovery and Italian life.

Four tours, multiple daily departures, varying durations. Choose the one that captivates you and hop on board: an illustrated map, precise and punctual organisation, and GPS tracking will help you easily reach strategic points along the route, where you can discover the essence of the territory, its cuisine, and its history.

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